Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sugar-Free Chocolate

Montezuma drank chocolate straight up! No sugar, no milk, just pure 100% chocolate!

Have you ever eaten 100% chocolate? Ugh! It's BITTER. Many people who are sugar-challenged for health reasons need to find a healthy chocolate that doesn't include sugar.

Depending on your point of view and opinion of what are termed "multi-level" organizations - there is a supposedly healthy organic sugar-free chocolate out there. We have not tried it. We merely report that it's out there.

Let's do a couple of definitions here. Let's look at what a multi-level organization is, plus a short review of some of the sugar alternatives out there.

A multi-level organization is one where the bottom level person sells the product. In order to get promoted in rank, that person then recruits everyone they know to become their distributors - and so on and so on up the chain.

Different sugar substitutes are out there. There's Zero, by Wholesome Sweetners. There's Agave Nectar, like a honey substitute. Honey itself is a sugar substitute. Since I'm not the nutrition expert, but my husband Kirby IS - (due to his 26 years in the natural products field) I asked him. His favorite is Xylitol because of its taste and digestability.

We've tried on a couple of occasions to formulate a sugar-free chocolate here at Smith Organic Chocolates. I've come to the conclusion that my experiments have gone wrong because I don't have professional processing equipment. Either that, or I don't know what I'm doing. :-)

All that being said, there is a new organic sugar-free chocolate out on the market. We have not tried it - we don't know if it's any good. You can Google it. It's called TRU Chocolate.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our New Vanilla Bean Cremes

Since Day One, I've been threatening to take our Coconut Ball center and revise it. Our Coconut Ball is one of our most beloved candies, but some people, like me, don't like coconut. Coconut is one of those things you either like or you don't like. I don't like - but husband Kirby DOES like.

In formulating our new confection, I took out the coconut, and added real organic vanilla bean, vanilla 'Silk' and added organic vanilla extract - and voila!

An organic vanilla bean creme! A friend recently tried one for the first time. You should have seen the look on her face! You'd have thought she just ate the best thing ever! In fact - she SAID so!

"Ohymygosh! This is the BEST candy I EVER ate!" she exclaimed.

I had made some samples to send to a bride we were working with in Ohio for wedding favors. My friend, Renee Kopp, came over to help make 180 of these confections. After eating this, she said, "You HAVE to call them something different than just 'vanilla creme' - they're MUCH too good for THAT!"

A minute later, she cried out! "I've got it! Vanilla BEAN Cremes! Because you put in real vanilla bean!"

I said, "I LIKE it!!" So-o-o-o-o ---- now you have it! Vanilla Bean Cremes. Shown here in milk chocolate because that's what the bride ordered. They are now available on our website in quarter pounds enrobed in dark, milk, or white. A quarter pound will give you about 8 pieces of candy.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Candy and Chocolate Trends

In the August 2009 issue of Gourmet News, an article was published that confirms what I've been reading and reporting here in this blog.

"'Healthy' tops candy trends" states that "From its potential health benefits to its organic roots and inclusion as an ingredient in many types of sweet and savory foods, we have only begun to experinece the versatility of chocolate."

Wow! ONLY BEGUN to experience the versatility of chocolate! Oooooo!! That sounds good to me. The woman quoted in this article is Susan Smith, who is the senior vice president of the NCA (National Confectioners Association).

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