Thursday, January 5, 2012

Revised Post - Why Organic?

With degenerative illnesses reaching more people everyday here in America, many are seeing the value of purchasing at least some organic foods for their daily intake.

Of course, most people will buy organic produce, but have you thought about organic chocolates? As someone who has been consuming organic foods for about 20 years, I feel I can speak to the benefits of buying organic.

Here's how it was put to me: Where would you rather spend your money? On doctors, hospitals, and medications - or -

- at the grocery store
- online stores with organic products

Most candy producers try to position themselves by saying they use only the finest quality of ingredients...but I believe that many get the cheapest ingredients they can. In business, we have to try.

With Smith Organic Chocolates, you know that we have purchased organically-certified ingredients. Typically, these are of the highest quality because they have not been sprayed with harsh or dangerous chemicals.

If you have any questions, please refer to our contact information on our website or email us at We always strive to bring you important product and educational information. A past post from probably 2008 on Why Organic? will be most helpful to you, but if you'd like a copy of it, please contact us.
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