Friday, May 27, 2011

Chocolate of the Month Club

We're adding a couple new chocolate programs to our repertoire of chocolates! The first is Chocolate of the Month. We'll be initiating this to be sold as a gift package for the Holiday season, but we're telling you about it now so you can consider it, and sign up for it as soon as it's available. (kinda like Amazon does pre-sales). Many chocolate companies have these kinds of "clubs" and it's a fun gift for the chocolate lover on your list.

Here's how:

1) register as a new customer on our website:

2) purchase the Chocolate of the Month product

You'll get a special customer discount. Your credit card will only be billed after a shipment.

The Chocolate of the Month Club will ship you 12 different chocolates - from barks & balls (sounds like dogplay doesn't it?) to our most elegant and newest truffles!

We pictured our newest product - our Organic Truffle Assortment. This is the half pound or 15-piece version. We ship it in an Everyday Elegance gold box, and it has a little bit of everything!

Vanilla Bean Creme - white drizzle on milk chocolate
Fresh Raspberry Truffles - red drizzle on dark chocolate
Coconut Balls - white coconut sprinkles on dark chocolate
Peanut Butter Balls - peanut sprinkles on dark chocolate
Almond Butter Balls - a white chocolate "S" on dark chocolate
Mocha Truffles - a mound of pulverized coffee grounds on top (looks like a dark chocolate mountain)
Strawberry Banana Truffles - pink & yellow drizzle on milk chocolate shell.

We've tried to make it sorta obvious what's inside by decorating the top. The box you may get may not look exactly as pictured, but we're sure you're going to love it!

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