Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

We've finally found a way to get a good "red" to dye our white chocolate. We've been scouring the world and finally found Non FD&C organic colored cocoa butter! It works and the result is spectacular - as you can see!

This cameo heart box sells for $9.99. It comes packaged in cello with a bow. A beautiful and tasty gift for someone who loves chocolate and romance.

You can order this box any way you want. There are a number of ways this box can be ordered. Please see our website for ordering information. Our website is:

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Candy in Moderation is OK

(Pictured: Our new Cranberry Almond Bark, made with organic semi-sweet dark chocolate, organic roasted/chopped almonds, and organic chopped dried cranberries)

A new study compiled of long-term findings from a U.S. government funded study says that candy in moderation is OK, and does not contribute to obesity.

In article published in the November 2009 Gourmet News, the study says, "...candy consumption is not associated with chronic negative health outcomes, such as overweight and obestiy, in children and adults. Children who consumed candy had lower body weights than children who reported eating no candy."

The study, conducted by Nutrition Impact, LLC, "found that children who eat candy had statistcally significant lower body weight and a lower body mass index than children who eat no candy."

"Candy consumption was not associated with increasd body weight in adults either" the study said.

These finds also correlate with the American Dietic Association's psoition that, "the total diet or overall pattern of food eaten is the most important focus of a healthful eating style. All foods can fit within this pattern."

Soooo.....that means that a piece of candy a day, won't hurt you. Go ahead and indulge - just be controlled. Two ounces a day of dark chocolate is like drinking that proverbial glass of wine - the same type of health benefits apply. See the post from February 2009 for information on the Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate.

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